Sunday school

Sunday school times

Sunday school starts just after service. Children must join before 10.45am. There are toys and books in church for children to use if they aren’t attending Sunday school.

Age group

Sunday school is aimed at children from 4 to 12. Children not within this age range are welcomed at the discretion of the Sunday school leader.


No child can come to Sunday school without an adult in congregation or filling out registration form. Children remain the responsibility of the parent / carer who brings them while attending Sunday school.

Why we have Sunday school

Our Sunday school is something we are very proud of. We have built it from a few children to a large, regular and committed group. We see it as one of the most important things we do at St Barnabas and are incredibly grateful to all the Sunday school leaders who volunteer to share their faith, commitment and time with all the amazing young people who attend.

We have Sunday school because it:

  • Develops friendship and children look forward to getting together and seeing each other
  • Works across all age groups
  • Helps children understand the Christian faith
  • Relates Christianity to their world
  • Gets them to think about things in a deeper way and help them make sense of their world
  • Answers their questions. All questions are welcomed. We cannot give them all the answers but we can explain what we believe and why
  • Develops their understanding of morals and ethics and why we behave as we do
  • Is a safe space where they can ask anything knowing that people will not laugh at them
  • Enables them to talk about their faith and also other faith and beliefs.
  • Is inclusive we encourage diversity
  • Enables parents and carers to engage fully throughout the service and worship at St Barnabas